PROJECT: Beeline Legal, website design

About the project

Working with Vision Box (a very talented 'build and design' group) I helped design the visual language and interactions for Beeline Legal Trademark services. A web service to help companies register and protect trademarks. 

Okay, anybody got some ideas?

To kick it off we used 'style boards'.

Using Beeline's brand guidelines, I start loosely putting together concepts for viz language, using style boards. Style boards are not intended to represent a sites layout, but to give a collective sense of:

  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Color usage
  • Illustration style
  • Form design
  • Common components

Getting it together

After internal reviews and reviews with the client (who happens to be really awesome!)

We settled on a direction. Then is was time to start pinning down the visual style guide, while working up layouts for the UX of the site.

Visual specs

I used Zeplin to help provide the visual specs for this project. And was really pleased with how it turned out.